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Invest In Your Future

Welcome to St. Jude Nursing School Nurse Assistant Training Program (NATP). We are pleased that you are pursuing your education with us and we are here to help you achieve your career goals as you transition to your professional life.

To help you in your success, we recommend that you establish a relationship with the faculty and your peers. Try to maintain a positive attitude, and attempt to balance your life at home and at school by wisely choosing your priorities.


Any questions or concerns not covered in this handbook should be directed to the Administrative staff.


We wish you all the best,

Richard Sarmiento

CEO - School Administrator


St. Jude Nursing School is dedicated to excellence in nursing education. We are devoted to providing quality nursing education and to bridge the labor gap in the nursing field. We train competent nursing assistants who are well prepared to enter the job market. Our holistic approach ensures students are focused on the care and safety of the growing patient population.


St. Jude Nursing School, driven by a culture dedicated to expanding access to nursing education, prepares future nurses to demonstrate excellence and compassion in nursing through an educational approach immersed in innovation and student support.


In pursuit of our mission, ST JUDE NURSING SCHOOL has established the following institutional goals:


Student Success


ST JUDE School Of Nursing fosters a culture of academic quality and individualized student support, recognizing the student as our highest priority.

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